Being an architect that worked within a team of graphic designers and visual communicators it seems natural that I came across with Wayfinding. But before you ask…

What is Wayfinding?

Wayfinding is a discipline of design that aims helping people to navigate and interact within the built environment. Offers clues and information about the space allowing you to reach your destiny in the most intuitive way.

  • How do people orientate themselves?

  • How do they go from A to B?

  • How do they search and interpret information about the environment?

Wayfinding is not only signage, is about connecting people to places focusing on the whole user experience. From an holistic approach it encompasses spatial strategy, information design and human behaviour which means Wayfinding teams are multidisciplinary and transversal including architects, graphic designers, psychologist, sociologist, urban and transport planners depending on the circumstances of each project. I contribute with my spatial skills and knowledge of the graphics implementation into the built environment.

My experience:

Some of the projects I accomplished while working at Estudio Mariscal included a Wayfinding vision, specially Retail environments. I expanded my experience in this field working at Dotdash, a Wayfinding studio in Brisbane, Australia. Once in Europe again I attended an online course at the London College of Communication on “Wayfinding and Signage Design”. I have complimented this pathway with a strong personal research and self-taught.

Contact me if:

  • you need to incorporate an architect-wayfinder to your team

  • you need to readdress the navigational problems in an already built up building

  • you are looking for a wayfinding consultant that can bring another vision to your projects