About me:Architect, designer and human being from Barcelona, with nomad life and free spirit willing to cross the globe if the opportunity is worthy. Australia has been my last stop

My experience ranges from architecture, Environment Design, Wayfinding, interiors, exhibitions, furniture, sculpture to ephemeral interventions, always seeking an artistic approach that highlights the character and identity of each project. That flexibility is the result of nine years involved within the team of Estudio Mariscal, a multidisciplinary office that works design into all it’s facets

I don’t understand setting boundaries between different disciplines...everything is Design and everything points at the same direction, improve people’s life, make it easier, more beautiful and happier. Functionality, aesthetics and emotion are three of the components I try always to be present in my job. Commitment, collaborative spirit and humor, lots of sense of humor is my contribution to the teams I work with.

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What can I offer:I work on architecture, interior design, exhibitions, environmental, Wayfinding, furniture and artistic interventions. At the same time and as a personal interest I also practice illustration, graphics & web design. I love team work, multidisciplinar and flexible. That's the reason why I use to collaborate with a network of freelancers that I have met throughout my professional career. Designers, visual artist, interactives, sculptors, animators, graphic designers, engineers, light designers even architects that want to be part of the team

Espacio Ucrania

That's my spot in Madrid, not only a work-place but a group of multidisciplinar freelancers that make my life at this city easier and more fun

Urban Living Lab

You can read my thoughts on cities and urban issues at Urban Living Lab, the on-line platform focused on the debate around territory, cities and its citizens