SAMBA is a place where you can seat, take a breath, eat a sandwich, text a message or kiss your lover. Seat and look at people walk. Call a friend, admire the landscape with your new sunnies or discover through the crowd the girl, the boy of your dreams. A place to seat and think, dream, make new friends or even flirt. You can also discuss with your mates, work or just read a book, a paper book like those in the old times. An urban bench that is not only a seat, it’s also a place, an urban element that participates in different situations therefore has to be flexible and multifunctional in its design.

We want it to be long-lasting and resistant because it will be exposed to weather conditions and overuse throughout its life. On public parks, on the streets, it’s part of the urban scenery. It’s one of the inhabitants of the city thus we want it to express a clear image. It features with character and personal identity but at the same time has to be integrated in the environment. Better talk and not shout. That’s the origin of SAMBA, not only an object but an urban element that contributes to the “Sense of place” in the city, considering the impact that design can have into users life and into society.

SAMBA it’s not only a bench but a complete family of concrete pieces that combined with a coherent language turn out into different situations. The use of a material highly present in our cities as concrete helps to integrate the piece into the urban landscape and at the same time offers a lot of possibilities in terms of colour palette and treatment of the textures. It’s tough, durable and accepts a good maintenance while offering a comfort touch surface that preserves its temperature in winter or summer. A family of urban seats that want to explore alternative ways of enjoying the city, with the strong and monolithic appearance of the concrete, vibrant colors and an asymmetric design that express the rhythm of .....SAMBA

one seat Samba
Two & three seats Samba
base piece: concrete and metal
  1. Category: Competition
  2. Launched by: COAM, Madrid City Council
  3. Location: Madrid, Spain
  4. Date of project: 2016
  5. Design by: Lara Pérez-Porro